Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purpose of this blog

This blog will be used for messages related to genealogical research into various branches of pioneering families, settled in Australia, whose surnames were Walker, Hickey, O'Keefe, Dixon, Kennedy, Cranston, etc.

The results of research into my maternal genealogy are assembled in the form of an evolving book, whose chapters can be downloaded from an associated website, accessible through a button located in the right-hand column column of the present blog, just below my portrait. Links to other relevant websites will soon be indicated within the present blog.

Individuals interested in becoming team members for this blog are invited to contact me by email.


  1. Dear William
    I came across your excellent book and website when searching for my husband's ancestors Charles Walker and Ann Hickey - I only had their names, and no other information about them. Your comprehensive research, and willingness to share your information, is very much appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. Thanks for your comment, Helen. Please let me know where your husband fits into the Walker/Hickey context. One of these days, we really must try to settle the interesting question of whether our patriarch Charles Walker was an Irish Catholic or rather (initially) a Protestant Scotsman. It would be interesting, too, to find out more about the profound sense of his attachment to the recently-founded GUOOF (Grand United Order of Oddfellows) in Braidwood. Finally, more research could and should be carried out concerning links between our Walker/Hickey family and the Braidwood bushrangers. I've been hoping, too, that an existing male descendant bearing the Walker surname (such individuals exist today in northern New South Wales) might be prepared to provide us with his Y-chromosome data... which might, or might not, settle the first of my questions. In any case, I'm happy to discover that I have a small group of excellent genetic cousins who have been contributing, often for years, to A Little Bit of Irish.

    Incidentally, I'm more pleased than ever with the above title since discovering that Patrick O'Hagen's son is the Irish singer Johnny Logan (born in Australia), often nicknamed "Mr Eurovision"... who has some nice stuff on YouTube.

    1. Hi... I am curious to know if Johnny Logan...son of Patrick O'Hagen is the same guy who toured NZ with his Dad in the late 60's.

      I worked for Kerridge Odeon at the time, and meet Patrick, and also looked after Sean on the day and night of the Stage Show. He came to my home and had dinner with my family.
      I do recall that he was a tad nervous on the back of my VESPA.