Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kennedy and Cranston families

I have just uploaded to my website entitled A Little Bit of Irish [display] an initial version of the chapter concerning the Kennedy and Cranston families.

In starting this chapter, I have been largely motivated by a recent unexpected encounter with a Queensland cousin whose maiden name was Frances Kennedy (married name, Dawn Mohr).

We now know the name of the Kennedys' native village in Ulster: Brookeborough. We also know that at least two of the three brothers from Fermanagh arrived in South Australia. There, in the town of Yankalilla, William Kennedy married a Scottish girl, Catherine McMaster. For the moment, I don't know what this lass was doing down in South Australia, because most of her clan were settled up in the Glen Innes region of NSW. In any case, that is the area to which William and Catherine finally found their way, settling first in the McMaster territory of Wellingrove, then in nearby Emmaville.

I now intend to get stuck into the Cranston side of my story.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purpose of this blog

This blog will be used for messages related to genealogical research into various branches of pioneering families, settled in Australia, whose surnames were Walker, Hickey, O'Keefe, Dixon, Kennedy, Cranston, etc.

The results of research into my maternal genealogy are assembled in the form of an evolving book, whose chapters can be downloaded from an associated website, accessible through a button located in the right-hand column column of the present blog, just below my portrait. Links to other relevant websites will soon be indicated within the present blog.

Individuals interested in becoming team members for this blog are invited to contact me by email.